My Video Equipment

Here is a list of what I use to film, live stream, edit and more

My Video Cameras

greate DSLRs for video

I use a Sony a7iii for my front full frame camera

and two Sony a6300 for my overhead and side shots (amazing continual autofocus)

front lens – Sony Zeiss FE 55mm f/1.8 –

side lens – Sony Zeiss FE 24-70mm f/4 lens

overhead lens – Sony Zeiss E 16-70mm f/4 lens



tripod (SIDE)

Manfrotto 420B combi-boom stand (OVERHEAD)

Manfrotto 496RC2 ball head (OVERHEAD)

Manfrotto MVT535AQ (FRONT)

Manfrotto 520 BALL half ball leveler (FRONT)

Edelkrone slider plus medium (FRONT)

Edelkrone action module – side to side movement (FRONT)

Edelkrone target module – twisting head to track object (FRONT)


3 point lighting

I started with – 3 Light kit – affordable

I now have – Daylight 1000 LED 4 light kit – BETTER

I use 2 of these soft boxes to diffuse the light

and one of these to diffuse the smaller led panel

Audio options

audio options for video

IMO camera audio is terrible so I recommend using a separate recorder record on your phone –

I started with – Rode mic with app – record on your phone

the separate recorder I wish I’d started with – Zoom h1 recorder – for one person

Lavalier microphone

BETTER recorder – and can have multiple mic’s I now have – Zoom h4n

affordable XLR lav mic –

BETTER XLR lav mic

I now use two XLR boom mics

Desktop microphone (for voice overs)

Multi Camera Live streaming equipment

Sling Studio Hub

Sling Studio Transmitter (one for each camera)

You’ll need cords to connect the cameras to the transmitter so it’s different depending on your camera as well as something for audio and lighting – see above


video extras

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

sand bags

Simple Tabletop (grey or wood) ikea

Fancier I use Erickson Woodworks boards when I can – 34×34 or other large photography backdrops