Ashlee Prisbrey

Organizer and Instructor

Ashlee Prisbrey is a self taught cake decorator and home chef turned blogger turned youtuber (growing her channel from 0 to 12,000 subscribers in the first year). She has been a one woman show throughout her 9 year blogging career, doing her own photography, website design, graphics, coding, social media and video production from day one. On her platforms she shares cake decorating tutorials, from scratch recipes, and themed party food. Last year she competed on Food Network, the Halloween Baking championship! This year she is organizing VidRetreat, a retreat for teaching food bloggers all about video and growing¬†a¬†youtube channel. She’s a BIG believer that video is the future and all bloggers need to be focusing on adding video content. Ashlee loves empowering women and moms, in the kitchen, in blogging or in life. Her motto is nothing is too hard with the right tips and tricks.

YouTuber and Blogger